What is HDR?

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and, in very simple terms, is a technology that enables a brighter and more vivid picture with accurate and more true-to-life colors.

Where can I find the model and serial numbers for my TV?

The model and serial numbers are located on the back of the TV. You can also locate the model number on the front cover of the User’s Manual and Quick Start Guide.

Can I use a universal remote with my TV?

Yes. If you prefer to use your cable set-top box or satellite receiver as a universal remote, please refer to the manual that your cable or satellite service provided. It will include instructions on how to program their remote to work with your television.

If my TV is connected to the Internet, will it automatically receive updates?

Yes. In order for your TV to receive software notification updates automatically, it must be turned ‘On’ and connected to the Internet. The Auto Firmware Upgrade setting in your TV is turned ‘On’ by factory default.

Can I remove apps from my TV?

You can only remove (uninstall) apps that you downloaded to the TV. Factory-installed apps (such as Netflix, etc.) cannot be uninstalled. However, you can remove the TV from accounts for factory-installed apps. If you do, remember to contact the app service provider to let them know billing should be stopped.

What is upscaling?

Upscaling is when the lower picture resolution of a movie, game or other content is converted to a higher resolution, making the picture clearer and sharper. Some 4K TVs and devices (such as Blu-ray players) support upscaling. For example, if you want to upgrade your media room, and all of your DVDs are in 1080p, use a Blu-ray player that supports upscaling—it will convert the resolution to as close to 4K resolution (2160p) as possible. Toshiba TVs automatically upscale all input signals to the maximum resolution the TV will accommodate.  

What is the refresh rate of a TV?

The refresh rate is measured in ‘hertz’ and is the number of times the image is refreshed per second. For example, a TV that has a 60Hz refresh rate will refresh an image 60 times per second. Refresh rates can vary for different TVs and cannot be adjusted. They are determined by the manufacturer.

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